The Gig Economy

The Gig Economy

There are nothing as certain as death and taxes. But one should add retrenchment in a globalizing world too. At the rate at which the world is becoming a giant globe of trading space, there is no guarantee that the most expensive and cheapest jobs won't be shipped out, and shipped away, permanently. Notwithstanding, the proliferation of small businesses, in US or elsewhere, there are "less and less" jobs with these entities, as many have had to become mean and lean to keep their variable and fixed cost lost, according to Diane Mulcahy.

All the above are actually serious reasons of concern. The whole process suggest a "great displacement," otherwise widely known as the great "disruption." But, Diane Mulcahy, believes that the changes confronting the global economy, what she termed gig economy, are not necessarily so threatening and scary. No one needs to feel completely powerless, if s/he knows how to take advantage of the opportunities at hand.

One, for example, resort to driving Uber. While 20 per cent of the profit goes to Uber, 80 per cent is given back to the driver. More importantly, an Uber driver can drive at will; according to his or her own preference and schedule. This ensures a lifestyle that is convenient, easy and adaptable to one's own expectations and demands. Such gigs are proliferating through out the economic landscape, due to the apps' revolution.

Many apps can pave the way towards profitable gigs., for example, allows one to leverage on their old or new skills. Using a video or camcorder, those who pledged to teach, can provide strong and powerful lessons online. To the degree there is an audience out in the open world, say, for website development and word-press, a successful teacher that performs such a gig, albeit an academic one, can easily get 30,000 to 40,000 students, each paying USD 1 or less.

The Gig Economy is full of these lessons. Beyond what platform economy has done, gig economy, otherwise also known as on-demand economy, helps individuals to connect with the apps revolution out there. In this sense, it is a socially helpful and constructive book. A manual to the dawn of the new share-economy not least.