Scorpio in The Dragon's Playground

Scorpio in The Dragon's Playground

Datuk Leong Chee Woh is a maestro in the art of taking down the communists in Malaysia. Yet, his name has never appeared in the standard historical rendition of how the communists were defeated. Instead, CC Too, is considered the Head of the hearts and minds program. Nothing can be furthest from the truth.

CC Too was never in the field in an extensive period of time. Datuk Leong Chee Woh was, which showcased, the remarkable contributions to the formation of a peaceful Malaysia. Without the communists being defanged, the racial relationship in Malaysia would have taken a downward spiral from the very beginning, since the Communists were mainly of ethnic Chinese stock.

This book, and other volumes written by him, such as "Scorpio the Communist Eraser," "Scorpio Against the One Eyed Dragon," "Scorpio on the Dragon's Trail," and "Scorpio on the Dragon's Demise," all written with painstaking efforts and archival references, represent the sum total of his work in the Malaysian Special Branch. It is also a reinforcement of the methods which he has pioneered: Unless force is absolutely necessary, be friendly and amicable to the communists.

Indeed, treat them like lost and wandering souls, cajole them back to the fold of society. And, if need be, create job programs, even those in the intelligence agencies, that can allow them to participate in the effort of de-radicalizing their friends and comrades. That this method works must surprise many since it is generally taken as a truism that force must be met with force.

The author is not a naive operative. He carries a concealed weapon at all time during his service. But he has found it generally more effective to use persuasion to lure his adversaries from the deepest reaches of the jungles, to abandon their fights.

In fact, this book sets the record straight in highlighting one key fact. The Special Branch was not necessarily a Malay dominion. Many ethnic Malaysian Chinese joined the service with the single minded goal to rid the society of Communist insurgents.

That the foreword was written by none other than Tun Haniff Omar himself, a former Inspector General of Police, reflects the stellar achievement of Datuk Leong Chee Woh. This book is an excellent page turner for those interested in the process of eradicating the communists in Malaysia.

The sixty million dollar question is: Can the same method be used to de-radicalize the Islamic State and other extremist groups ? Leong Chee Woh believes it can, and there is no other way, but to use this method. Violence begets violence. In this sense, this book and all others, is a repudiation of those iron-fisted approaches.